Accusation Against Sun

U are smiling but we are crying.

I woke up late and I was drenched in sweat. I was enamoured by the mystical power of sleeping, so I had no idea about the weather of the real world and then I descended from the dreamland  to see that the sun was the only one in the universe who is in high spirits. I am so angry with sun. How can you be energetic all day when we human beings are exhausted and drained of energy and will power. This is just unfair 😥😭. You should try to understand our situation and compromise with us. And you should solve all disputes with rain. I thought rain is your good friend. Being oblivious in sleep I was not aware that you came to my room. U should have manners and come when required.
Now I am on terrace and  enjoying the company of your spouse “moon”. And moon also invited wind.We are having a gala time. The wind came and crushed against my body and filled me with refurbishment. Sun, just think if you and rain could be in the same team. It would be so nice. We need you both. The plants are sad because they couldn’t feel rain. They need you as much as they need rain. My request to you, please solve the quarrels with your friend. We are waiting for that day. I hope you change your mind soon