The Glistening Stars Of Hope

She was standing on the edge of the terrace and watching the beautiful view of the gleaming stars for the last time. It had been many days since he left. She was just unable to cope up with her new life without him.His absence shattered her into tiny pieces.Without him she was like an old glass jar with a emptiness and a thin and pale lid on top.  She glanced the beautiful world for one last time and made up her mind to commit suicide. Her heart is throbbing with pain and she was determined to jump off the terrace.
 On that spur of the moment his husband was calling out her name trying to wake her up when she had slept on his chest  underneath the blanket of stars.Just like her best friend came and called out her name and saved her from plunging into death two years ago. He again saved her from the reckless memory of her haunting past by waking her up from nightmare. Only the twinkling stars remained the same but the girl’s life changed drastically into a happy one. The stars were still and shining brightly on the day she was about to end herself but  they gave rays of hope in the pessimistic life of the girl.


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