The Diminution Of My Love

Fading gradually into the halo of strong waves.

I am standing alone beneath the enormous sky of thoughts in a lonely island. My hands are inciting me to swim across the solitary place but I cannot. I want to swim the sea and climb to the mountain of happiness to unite with my love. But my heart says “Be Careful, There is a borderline between the mountain and sea. Crossing the sea to join the mountain is painful”. Caste is the borderline.I wonder who drew this borderline. Society?? Parents?? I just wanted a small part of the mountain-“Love”. How will I get it?? Mind is drifting towards fear. Now the mountain is becoming obscene to my eyes. Sea is engulfing me from all sides . Will I be able to stand up against the huge waves of the sea. I don’t know. Everything is becoming obscure. I think it may be the end. I don’t have the ability to stand against the familiar isolated surrounding me since my birth. Is it ever possible to cross the familiar waves ?? The answer is unknown. 


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