The Never-Ending Tussle Between Two Intimate Pals.

First the growling of the lion appears on the screen.Then the name Fred Quimby appears following the names of Joseph Barbera and William Hanna. Yes,I am talking of Tom and Jerry. Being a 90’s kid, I had this strong urge to watch this cartoon everyday. There was no smartphone,tablet,laptop and other cool gadgets. T.V was only there and I craved for this one show. There was strict time table for studying made by my dad. But fortunately he included this cartoon show in the time table. Everyday I thought when will the time come to watch this. The excitement and happiness I got by seeing this cartoon is vanished somewhere when I grew up. The chasing of Tom after Jerry and Jerry securing his life from clutches of Tom was hilarious and there was this lady whose face could never be seen,she used to scold Tom for not  chasing Jerry. The sound effects from the beginning of the episode is unforgettable. Tom and Jerry could not live without each other yet they fought everytime. Sometimes they reconciled but most of the time they are fighting to their life’s content and that is what made it into an epic show. In one of the episode it shows that Tom is going to hell for not being friend with Jerry.The modern directors are unable to replace the old ones.At that time when the cartoon started elders and the children flocked together to watch this show. But the picture is different now.The rivalry between Tom the cat and Jerry the mouse is really an entertaining one and it became famous then for the perfect depiction of the enmity between cat and mouse. I really thank William Hanna and Joseph Barbera for making my childhood a special one by creating this comic show.


One thought on “The Never-Ending Tussle Between Two Intimate Pals.

  1. We didn’t have television when I was a kid and I only became aware of various cartoon
    figures via the internet – that doesn’t “date” me, only that life on the rez didn’t lend itself
    to owning a TV.
    I’m not bemoaning that fact as you never really miss something you aren’t familiar with
    or born to.
    Having discovered these characters I pull them up on YT on occasion to enjoy a laugh
    or two and likewise have an appreciation for them.

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