The Indolent Morning of the Sprightly Day

I woke up from the  illusive dream and landed in the real world all of a sudden. A voice echoed “Tea is ready”. In the oblivious state I grasped my mom’s voice and drank the tea. Looking at my surroundings I saw everything to be the same. Clock is ticking on its own,birds are chirping and even the tea is same.Amidst this humdrums of everyday life I find everything to be constant.Perhaps the birds are chirping vigourously because they are angry but i can’t find anything new. I am angry for this unaltered life and happiness amongst all these. Happiness.. the phrase – what is happiness?? where can mankind find happiness in this consistency? Is this consistency is what that makes us happy. We live inbetween sadness and happiness but we crave for happiness.. why?? Is happiness acquired forcefully or everything attached to life gives happiness. I cannot understand…..there are many answers but i think seeing everything new and shedding away the past gives happiness. Everyday is new and we should be our new self everyday .I will definitely find happiness everyday in every way even though consistency prevails and that is what is called life.


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