Lady Macbeth

Our literature syllabus contain Shakespeare’s play MACBETH. First i thought it to be boring but nope it is not except for Shakespeare’s language. So i read the modern text.  The prevailing theme in this drama is the greed for power lust. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are the most complex characters.Macbeth desires for the throne but his sense of humanity is pulling him behind.On proposing his plan to Lady Macbeth to kill the king to ascend the ladder to the throne, Lady Macbeth is startled because her heart is full of motherliness. At the same time she loves her husband so out of desperation she invokes dark spirit to take away her motherly bliss. I was thinking that she may be a evil lady but no that is not the scenario. As we fast forward the play we can see that she is just innocent, she did not have evil feelings. In the sleepwalking scene we can see how mentally ill she has become after killing the king.I really feel sorry for her. She has a golden heart and her motherly nature did not fade away. She is unable to sleep peacefully. She is suffering from mental trauma. This part of the play is a twist. After this she commits suicide.Even though she killed the king for her husband’s well being,she is unable to accept the horrific crime she made. I loved her character and she is indeed the controversial and complex character whom i support whole heartedly.


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